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Algorithm Intelligence Setup - Part 2

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Now that we have finished training the coins we continue on training the AI. For this we need to setup the template of the AI. If you don't know how to create one be sure to check out our articles about strategy templates, the settings are almost the same with some key differences.

Create the paper bot and deposit to it the 100K USDT that is the maximum available $ for it.

Create the Trading Paper Bot to trade cryptocurrencies


- Order Type : MARKET - You will buy exactly when the strategy makes the signal

- Max Open Time Buy: 10 - If you selected market this setting is actually irrelevant

- Max Open Positions: 80 - Indicates how many signals you will have open in the same time.

- Max Percentage Open Positions Per Coin: Select the number that will give you RESULT = MAX 5 OPEN POSITIONS PER COIN

- Enable Cooldown : DISABLED

- Only 1 Open Buy Order Per Coin: ENABLED

- Only Buy When There Are Positive Pairs: DISABLED

- Auto Merge Positions : DISABLED

Buy Settings for the Crypto Trading Bot


- Number of targets to buy = 10

- Use corrected score for buys: YES

- Minimum score for buys = 55 - We use a lower score because we want the AI to get as many signals as it can. It will learn what signals are good and what are not OK so when you will run it LIVE the AI will know exactly what to choose.


You can use TSL to arm at 0.5, DCA to 5 steps at 3% Double Down and also "Take profit at" can be set anywhere 1%. These are less relevant as all we want is for the hopper to just receive buy signals, it will know what to do. If after a while you see yourself with all positions filled and not be able to receive anymore you can manually sell those even on loss, just to make room for the bot to buy more.

You need to run the hopper on PAPER for 1-2 weeks and ONLY after that you can run it LIVE

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