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Algorithm Intelligence Setup - Part 1

The way Cryptohopper A.I works is easily explainable, simply compare it to an automatic back tester. You "feed" your A.I with our strategies, it will analyze them all for you and choose the one that is most successful in the current market. Your A.I. will rate both market trend and signal strategies with an accuracy score. You can determine in your config how high the score must be on a signal, before your Hopper may follow it. Your Hopper will automatically follow signals coming from the strategy with the highest accuracy. If you need anymore help please contact us.

1. Create a new A.I. by going to strategies -> and click "New A.I."

2. Name your A.I. and save for the first time. Try to save often when creating your A.I. This updates the checklist and ensures that you don't lose your progress.

3. Add trend strategies that help your A.I. analyze the market trend.

For POWER AI -> Click on "Sources" -> "Trend Strategies" and add AI TREND

For SUPER AI -> Click on "Sources" -> "Trend Strategies" and add Market trends (contact us for suggestions) or if you want don't add any trend

Add trend and signal strategies for cryptohopper trading bot

4. Add the following strategies in signal strategies by clicking on "Sources". These will be the strategies that search for buying opportunities.


- AI Signal 1

- AI Signal 2

- AI Signal 3

- AI Signal 4

- AI Signal 5

- Slow & Steady

- Fast & Furious

Cryptohopper strategies scores


- Slow & Steady

- Chicken Run

- Bunny Money

- Turtle Hero

Super AI strategies scores on Cryptohopper

5. Adjust the A.I. settings by clicking "Config" and alter the settings. This is our setup for POWER AI. If you want you can change the date after a signal is validated and also the percent you would like the signal to reach in "Minimum percent change buy signal" but you will have different results. After you made the setup click save.

Configuration of the Candle Effect AI

6. Check if the A.I. is scanning the markets. Go to "Training", select your exchange (Binance or Kucoin) and pair you want to analyze (coin/USDT), and click "learn". Do this for all the coins selected in your Cryptohopper -> Baseconfig -> Coins and Amounts. You will be able to add 50 pairs in the beginning but as they complete training you will be able to add the rest until all 75 coins are trained. Training the coins will take 2-4 days.

7. After training is complete your strategies will have a score like in the below image. Now you have to begin training your AI on a paper-hopper for 1-2 weeks BEFORE putting it to real work with real money, otherwise you will get a lot of false signals. The AI needs to learn when to properly buy to make you successful sells.

Strategies Scores on Cryptohopper Ai Training

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